Music Suggestions for the Week

Music is my true love.

If I can ever love a person half as much as I love music, they should feel very lucky.  I enjoy makeup and fashion in expressing myself outwardly, but music is where my world comes together.

I thought I could add a blog post a week about what I’m listening to and what I suggest listening to for the week.

Hands Like Houses Ground Dweller

I can’t even say enough about this band.  They’re from Australian and their album is just about the only thing I’ve been listening to for over a month now.  The singing reminds me of my time in high school, being in love with post-hardcore.  Then it disappeared.  I’m in love with this mans voice, but their sound on top of the singing is where it works.  It’s still heavy and hard hitting, which is what I love.  Go listen and fall in love.

The Maine Pioneer

I’ve been listening to The Maine now for years.  Years.  So when I first heard Pioneer and how different it was from their previous work, I was confused.  Since I was reviewing it, I gave it another listen and it became my top album of 2011.  It’s so raw with the band’s passion, especially since the band made it with no funding from their record label (Warner Bros.) it really is every thing they wanted it to be.  They also perform it magnificently on top of it’s brilliance.


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