Lifestyle Change Update

So eight weeks ago I posted that I was turning over a new leaf and starting a workout regime.  With a lot of support from my boyfriend, I joined a gym all myself and have been going pretty regularly since.  I tried getting multiple friends of mine to be my gym buddy to make my experience better, but no one apparently wanted to make their health better.

So here’s the run down again.  Basic strength training for the past eight weeks.  Here’s my numbers:

110 lbs
Unsure of my body fat percentage, but I can say my thighs have turned into mostly muscle.

Squats: 100 lbs
Dead lifts: 115 lb max
Bench press: 20 lb dumbbells
Overhead press: 15 lb dumbbells
Leg press: 50 lbs added to the machine, around 150 lbs total

I’m very impressed with my lower body and how much stronger my legs are.  My arms are a different story.  While my biceps have grown significantly, I can’t seem to get past the damn 15 pound dumbbells on bicep curls.

Upper body:
Bicep curls: 30 lbs or 15 lb dumbbells
Rows: 25lb dumbbells
Lat Pull Down: 60 lbs max
Assisted Pull-up machine: 40 lbs

Anyhow, my continued goal is to make a change in my diet.  My metabolism has definitely gone up, but I need to be careful about what I’m eating.  I need to switch to more protein and vegetables, and less carbs.  I will continue on my arms and upper body strength, as well as squats and dead lifts.  I also want to focus on more cardio in order to lose more body fat now that I’ve gained some muscle.

I’m very proud of myself for going to the gym and doing this on my own.  A few years ago, I never would have thought this would be something I would interested in.


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