Watching the Opening Ceremony: countries I’d like to travel

I was watching the Opening Ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympics last night and I started making a mental list of places I’d like to travel too.

Jake already has a list of places he’d like to visit that includes Brazil, Urguay, Mexico, and Iceland in addition to the places I also want to visit.  We’ve both agreed that New Zealand is a country we’d like to visit plus Australia, and I’m also warmed up to visiting Iceland.

As I was watching the very beginning of the program, I started thinking about visiting Russia.  It’s history sounds interesting and it looks like the food would be amazing.  I also would love to visit Japan as I hear that it is one of the best places in the world to travel to.  Another that I always hear about that would be outside of my comfort zone is India.

Some more obvious places I want to visit is France simply because I took French in college and want to put it good use.  London would be nice to go to for a few days, maybe before hitting up France.  Going to Hawaii would be a long shot simply because of how expensive it is, I’d rather put the money towards an international trip.  All of this is just a hope and dream at this point.  One of my goals for 2014, however, is to take a trip so we shall see where this year takes me.


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