It’s so weird, that right after Halloween everything seems to change.  All the leaves are off the trees, daylight savings times end which means evening activities become less occurring, and the weather gets cooler and cooler.  I’m not going to lie, I’m sad that October is over because now the real cold weather moves in.  Long gone are the beautiful fall days with the many colors of fall.  All the trees are bare and there was frozen water among some trees.  A jacket, at least, is required every time I leave my apartment, along with mittens and a beanie.  Boots have become my main shoe of choice and Jake and I are in full mode bulking season at the gym.

Halloween happened to fall on a Friday this year, which turned out to be quite nice for me.  I work Monday through Friday, so getting to celebrate Halloween to the fullest made me very happy.  This year I went as Little Red Riding Hood and Jake was the Big Bad Wolf.  My job had a small Halloween party, making me incredibly lucky since I can wear my costume to work.  Not many people get that privilege so I consider myself very lucky on Halloween.  It is my favorite holiday!  Today, November 1, feels so much different already.  It was quiet in my apartment building and everyone seemed relaxed.  I say around in my yoga pants all day, bare faced, loving the feeling of a weekend off.  I cleaned my entire apartment and made Crock Pot breakfast potatoes for the week.

The weather is already looking to be more dreary and cold.  It hardly rained a drop in October, something that made this fall amazing, and this week it’s looking to rain (even snow!) three out of the seven days.  Minnesota is winter from about mid November to March, making November bitter-sweet for me.  I don’t hate winter.  I actually quite dislike summer, but Minnesota winters can be too much.  I want a simple winter where you get two or three heavy snow falls throughout the entire season, not one a month.  I’m definitely that person watching national news during the winter months laughing at the east coasts inability to handle a few inches of snow.  Short days don’t help the cause much.  Going to work and leaving work in the dark is terrible.  I get the concept of daylight savings time, but really it’s terrible in states where winter is six months long.

But have no fear, there are many things to look forward to in the next few months.  November is my birthday month, turning 25 might I add.  I’m excited for my birthday month because of all the shopping perks I get this month.  Turning 25 is a bit jarring, however, because you are no longer in your early twenties, but your mid-twenties.  November is also host to Thanksgiving, which I would guess is many Americans favorite holiday. I was actual born on Thanksgiving, so the holiday holds special meaning to me.  The Christmas season draws closer which means decorating and presents.  I work in commerce and retail so the holiday season is stressful, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love the rush of all of it.  I’ve already started my list of gifts for my family and Jake!  In January, Jake and I have a trip booked to Iceland together.  It’s our first real trip together and I couldn’t be more excited!


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