Gardening Goals

Last spring, I planted my first seeds in a garden hoping to have an abundance of lettuce for salads in fall.  Unfortunately, I was only able to make one salad with those seeds.  My mom always grew flowers and vegetables in her garden when I was growing up, but I never took a liking to it and did not learn her ways.   In the past few years, my interest in gardening has slowly grown along with my interest in cooking and healthy eating.  This spring I’m hoping to make a small vegetable garden on the side of our house to make at least two salads come fall.

Jake’s house is small, but the backyard is quite spacious.  Both sides of the house have space for a garden and flowers to grow.  Last year, I took over just a small patch, but this year I’d like to create a proper vegetable garden surrounded by chicken wire to prevent rabbits, squirrels, or other animals from picking over the leaves.  The vegetables that I plan to grow are not yet determined because I need to do some research on what’s easiest to grow and how much sunlight they will need.  I would like to grow lettuce again, along with cucumbers and strawberries.  I remember cucumbers being quite easy to grow and also that in nature they grow with thorns on them for protection.  I would also like to plant some flowers leading up to the house even though I use to dread watering them when I was growing up.

If this works out, I’m hoping that one day I will be able to have a full functioning garden to provide for my healthy meals.  Buying lettuce every week seems an odd concept to me as it’s literally just leaves growing from the ground.  Last year I grew butter lettuce, planting four spaces with seeds, but only one head grew large enough to harvest.  Two of the spaces didn’t grow at all and the smaller space grew only a few inches above ground.  Also, last year I planted my seeds in a pot and this year I’d like to turn the soil and plant the seeds directly into the ground.  Planting in the ground poses a greater risk due to animals, but I think the trade off will be better fertilization and watering.

I’m looking for some good blogs or websites for beginner gardeners that would be able to help me along my gardening journey.  Please leave suggestions for me in terms of blogs or even what is best to grow.


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