Healthy Go-To Recipes

I have a few recipes I wanted to share that have been my go-to for lunches and dinners that are also healthy.  Most of these can be made in advance for lunches or in a slow cookers for making meals during the day.  Side note, I just got a new Crock Pot which is programmable so that it turns to warm after a set time of cooking.  It’s awesome!  I suggest it for anyone into cooking or prepping meals.

Protein Shake
This is current breakfast for most mornings.  It’s easy to make and I can bring it to work with me making breakfast later so that I’m fuller longer.  I use my Blender Bottle to make my shake with reduce sugar vanilla almond milk, which comes to 30 calories per 8 ounces.  I usually add a little water, around 3 ounces, along with my protein.  I usually buy the EAS Whey Vanilla Protein Powder which runs at 150 calories per serving, which for this powder is two scoops.  Add it all in the bottle, shake, and head out for the day!

Mediterranean Chickpea or Quinoa Salad
I love this for lunches, especially in the summer when it’s hot outside and in the house.  Lately, I’ve been loving this with chickpeas over quinoa, not for any particular reason.  This recipes is also flexible to each their own, I replace olives with kalamata olives which I find fitting more for the recipe.

Salmon with broccoli and brown rice
I know at most workplaces reheating fish in the lunchroom is a sin, but it’s healthy for you and filling.  Add a side of broccoli and brown rice or sweet potatoes and you will be filled through the afternoon to dinner.  Likewise, this is an easy meal to cook up in the evening if you have a gym date before dinner.  Salmon and fish cooks pretty quickly and you can steam frozen broccoli in four minutes in the microwave.  To cook salmon, I thaw it before placing the slice in foil topping it with dill weed and lemon pepper, roll up the foil, and bake for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  So easy! There’s tons of recipes on Pinterest you can make to jazz up your salmon, just be careful because some can come with a lot of added calories.

Fall Vegetable Crock Pot Barley Soup
I posted this a while back because it’s my favorite soup recipe that I’ve tried so far.   It’s very flavorful, easy to make in the Crock Pot, and the ingredients can be added or removed as you prefer.  Don’t add too much barley though or the soup will get too thick, same goes for the sweet potato as it can add a lot of sugar and unneeded calories.  Thyme has quickly become one of my favorite herbs for almost any recipe.

This is simple and to the point, salads with darker green leaves with generous amounts of vegetables on top and a light amount of dressing is about as healthy as you can get come spring.  I love adding cucumbers, carrots, and hard boiled eggs on my salads and in the spring I love chopped strawberries and pears as toppings.  For a change in texture, soy nuts and pumpkin seeds add a nice crunch to the mix.  For dressing, always choose a vinaigrette like balsamic or raspberry.

I keep frozen edamame in my freezer at all times probably getting the best value for your dollar at Costco.  I steam mine with lemon pepper and then add a side of cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or even a small salad.  Again, low calories, low carb, and filling.

Good luck with your cooking and fitness goals!


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