Life Update – Where Have I Been?

Not going to lie, I totally fell off my New Year’s Resolution of writing in my blog at least once a week. For a while, I was writing two posts a week. Then life happened and I just stopped writing. I’ve been a lot more busy than I anticipated I would be this time of year.  I work full-time at a 9 to 5 working on a computer all day, so coming home to just sit on my computer is not usually at the top of my list. I also spend a good amount of time commuting to and from work, which can get my gears grinding if traffic is really bad. I also work part-time on Saturday’s when a lot of people go out with friends or get their errands done. This leaves only Sunday to myself, which is usually my lazy, Netflix day.

In addition to my work responsibilities, I am fully committed to my fitness and healthy lifestyle often making it to the gym five days a week and preparing nearly all of my meals to keep to my diet. To many this is silly and I could easily stray away from this to make my meals quicker and leave more time for social life or just relaxation, but I am committed to bikini season which is less than two months away! I also have a boyfriend, who is often with me while I’m at the gym, but sometimes we venture out for date night. Date night does not consist of me typing at my blog or playing around on my phone since it’s time I like to cherish, since our schedules are sometimes conflicting.

Then last week I had to be around because my dad had some surgery (he’s doing well) and that also meant I had to be around this weekend to drive him to the store and help him out as needed. In between all of these, I spent a weekend out with a good friend, hitting up bars like I used to in my college years. Jake and I went to a movie, in a theater, something that I haven’t done in years. It was actually the first time Jake and I went to a new release in theaters. We saw Furious 7, not an Oscar winner, but still very fun to watch! Would recommend if you’ve seen any of the other Fast and the Furious movies.

Long story short, I’ve just been busy with real life, and that’s not a bad thing. We spend so much time invested in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, other social websites and virtual reality, that we forget to live life outside of all the technology. The computer will still be there after all the craziness calms down and I can always come back to writing.


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