Summer Plans

Plans for summer are finally starting to come together. Jake and I have been talking about summer plans since March, and for a while we weren’t sure everything we were planning was going to happen, but finally we have made plans and taken time off work for our adventures.

The first part of summer was a move at work. My work’s office made a big move a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. My commute has gone down 50 percent since we moved and I have a ton more time in the mornings and in the evenings to get to the gym, get to the grocery store, and all that jazz. My office is now super close to Jake’s workplace and we can have breakfast dates on the mornings he’s done with work and before I go into work. Love breakfast dates! Not to mention, I don’t have to fill up my car nearly as much as I used to. Perfect timing since the gas prices are rising for summer.

Next month we’re taking a short road trip up to Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon along with our friends. Funny though, we’re not running in the marathon. Only two of five of us going are participating in the marathon. I’m not sure I could ever run a marathon anyway, it’s just not my thing. I definitely run when it’s convenient more me, but I don’t love it. Any who, I haven’t been to Duluth in ten years, or more, so I’m pumped to spend a weekend in the beautiful city with a bunch of people I love. I’d love to spend time around the lake to just enjoy the view and take some awesome pictures. Not to mention, hit up some bars!

So we weren’t sure if this trip was going to happen, but Jake got the time off from work and we are officially planning a trip to San Francisco.  AHHH! I can’t believe it. I’m super excited. My dad and brother just went this past February and my dad can’t stop talking about it. Jake has been planning the majority of this trip and he’s doing pretty good on the events. Alcatraz, salsa dancing, hiking, and the beach! We booked the flights as soon as we could, but we’re still working on lodging and car rental. Traveling to California is very expensive, but we’ll probably get a time share. The car rental is what will be killer on the wallet out of all of this. I’m still on the search for alternatives ways of getting around while we’re visiting.

Then there’s of course, the big move! I’m moving out of my not-so-glamorous-anymore apartment into Jake’s house within the next two months. I’ve lived in my own apartment for almost two years now, and I really enjoy living alone and I think everyone should at some point. My liking for my apartment, however, has just gone down. I don’t love it anymore; nothing wrong with that. So to be clear, whether or not I was moving in with Jake, I would be moving out of my apartment. I’ve started packing up the things I don’t need or use on the daily, like my books, CDs (what are those!), and my winter clothes. I also need to go through most of my belongings and just through crap away. I alone have four sets of dishes, and Jake probably has another two. My old jewelry is just looking tacky and collecting dust on my dresser, and a lot my clothes just do not get the attention they should. Lots of donations will be happening.

Summer is bittersweet for me. I don’t love the heat, I never purposely go out tanning, and I can’t stand humidity. There’s something special about summer though that I love to just think about. Summer love. Summer plans. Summer music. I know everyone has their own summer soundtrack. That album that defines what they’re feeling and what they achieved during their summer. I hope everyone enjoys their unofficial beginning of summer this Memorial Day and is well on their way to make amazing summer plans.


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