Bronzers of Summer

For the longest time, I was not using bronzer. I was determined not to like bronzer because I’m so sick and tired of hearing about contouring, carving, and slimming. Since spring, and especially now that June is leading to warmer weather I’ve been warming up to using bronzer to do light contouring and adding some color around my face. I’ve found a technique and brush that I’m happy with and I have a few bronzer shades to recommend.

I have warm undertones and I’m naturally tan looking throughout the year. I don’t have a MAC shade to refer to, but my color match in the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural is Medium-Dark, which shows up a bit dark on me in the dead of winter otherwise it matches me perfect. Because I have a bit of a warmer complexion, I do prefer warmer bronzers even for contouring. Both of my favorite bronzers at the moment, unfortunately, are limited edition, but I highly recommend both. The first bronzer is the Milani Bronzer XL All Over Glow Limited Edition Dolci, which is acutally a bronzer, highlight duo and I’ve never liked a bronzer as much as this one. The highlight works great as well for a subtle highlight so this was a perfect purchase for me. The bronzer is more on the neutral side, and comes across as a matte but the highlight is has a bit of sheen to it. I really love this for a subtle contour in my cheekbones with a fluffier brush, like a Sigma F40. I had been using a smaller contour brush for precise application, but I just don’t like that kind of look on me. I found this bronzer and the rest of the limited edition products in their summer line along the size of the regular Milani display in CVS.

The next bronzer I’m loving for summer is the Wet’n Wild Color Icon Bronzer Limited Edition Bare In Mind. Again, I found this on a side display in Walgreens however it was along a random aisle in the store, not near the beauty section. At first, I liked this for contouring but I do think the shade is a bit warm for that right now. Instead, I’m using it for warming up my complexion around the perimeters of my face and along my jaw and neck line. The packagings of this bronzer is a little of a rubbery texture, reminiscent of Nars packaging, but it stays way cleaner than Nars packaging.

My favorite brush for applying bronzer and contouring is my Sigma F40. Like I said, before I was using a smaller contour brush, like the Sigma F05, but because I hate the look of heavy and precise contouring, I stopped using that brush. I much prefer the fluffy brush for slight contouring but nothing too slimming. I’ve never liked bronzer so this is a new makeup experience for me. It’s kind of nice, since I wasn’t enjoying applying makeup or purchasing new products to play around with, so I’m very happy with these two products for summer!


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