The Best Fall Nail Polish – Revlon Hold ‘Em

I’m one of those people who is constantly changing my nail polish color or repainting my nails because tiny little chips will show up around the edges. I know it’s normal for manicures to have wear at the tips of the nail, but sometimes I just can’t stand looking at that. You’d think I’d just switch over to gel manicures, but I don’t like the way my cuticle can look once the color starts to grow out. I know, I just can’t be happy. So instead, I do my own manicure switching out the color around twice a week and for the most part they don’t chip very often now that I have a good manicure routine down.

Lately, I haven’t been changing the color out because I have found my polish color of life, Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Hold ‘Em. This is hands down my favorite nail color at the moment. I wore it for a little getaway Jake and I did back in October and I’ve found myself taking off a manicure in this color, only to put it right back on. I love everything about this polish, the color, wear time, gel-like look, and time to dry.

Revlon – Hold ‘Em

This whole nail polish line has quickly become one of my favorites. It was reformulated a while back and it’s a fantastic line; I highly recommend checking it out. In addition to Hold ‘Em, I love the shade Long Shot for Thanksgiving and the fall season – it’s a beautiful burnt orange and I’m currently rocking on my toes. The shade Up The Ante is great for the spring and summer! This formula dries fairly quickly, is resistant to chips, and holds it’s shine for most of my manicure, which is about five days. I use the original OPI Nail Envy for a strengthener and base coat then top the polish off with INM Out The Door Top Coat.

fave nail polish

What’s your favorite fall nail polish shade? Is there a better top coat I should know about? Leave your thoughts!


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