Favorites | November 2015

November is over and I’m sad about it. November is one of my favorite months of the year, mostly because it’s my birthday month. This year’s birthday celebration was rather quiet, but I got to spend it with my good friends and enjoy those around me that I care most about. November also brings Thanksgiving and the end of fall. Fall has ushered in winter and a new year is almost here – I can hardly believe 2015 is nearly over! Here are all my favorites from November:

TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture 
I repurchased this a few months ago after moving near a Walmart that carried the line for around $5, but if it’s difficult to find it can be found on Amazon. I tried this conditioner a few years ago when I was trying out a silicone-free hair routine and I don’t remember liking it for my curls. Since then, from the reviews on Amazon and Makeup Alley, the conditioner was reformulated and a lot people don’t like this formula. I however LOVE this conditioner and highly recommend it. This conditioner easily detangles my hair and moisturizes the curls to keep the frizz away. Since switching to this conditioner from some others that contained silicone, I can see a huge improvement in the health of my hair and how my curls looks; it’s rare that I have a bad hair day. While I’m not officially using the curly girl method, a lot of the hair products I’m now using are silicone-free and I’m loving the way my hair is looking and feeling.

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation Natural Beige
I started a new job this month and I knew that I would be so busy during the day that I wasn’t going to have time for touch-ups. Since I’ve been getting more oily throughout the day, I wanted a foundation that was going to hold up. I had heard really great things about the formula of this foundation, and I haven’t been disappointed. I really like the color match of the foundation and how natural it looks despite being a higher coverage foundation. The lasting powder is about the same as my other matte foundations, but the fact that this foundation comes in a pump makes me like it more than the others. This foundation isn’t going to be ideal for traveling since it’s packaged in a glass jar, but that’s the con I have with this foundation so far. Not the worst thing!

Beauty Blender
I know the Beauty Blender is nothing new for anyone, but it’s really proven itself to me in the past few months. I’ve tried to apply foundation with a brush, just for the sake of trying, and they really don’t work as well as the Beauty Blender. At the beginning of November I tried the Real Technique’s beauty sponge hoping it would be the dupe I’ve heard so much about, but I returned it the very next day.

NYC Sunny Bronzer
I’ve finally figured out how I like my contour/bronzer to look on an everyday routine and the NYC Sunny Bronzer is perfect what I’m looking for. It’s not too warm for me, it’s perfect warming up my complexion. I wouldn’t do a full on contour with this product as it’s not meant for it, but it definitely is a great and easy to use product.

Sigma F23 Soft Angled Contour
To go along with my NYC Sunny Bronzer I’ve been loving this new Sigma F23 brush from their highlighting and contour brush collection. I used to use my Sigma F40 for my bronzing routine because it’s fluffy and doesn’t do a harsh contour. When I got the F23 I was able to do more of a contour, but it still keeps my cheeks look bronze. It’s the perfect brush to get just enough of an effortless contour/bronze look.

Sigma F15 Duo Powder/Blush
Another brush I’ve been loving is the Sigma F15 which I’ve been using with my face powder to set my foundation. Because I usually wear a higher coverage foundation, I don’t need high coverage from my powder. I just need enough powder to keep me from getting oily throughout the day and the F15 does just that. It’s also great for wiping away excess powder if I decide to use the baking technique for setting my under eye concealer.

Z Palette
I’m so excited to finally have a Z Palette in my makeup collection! Jake got it for me for my birthday this past month and it’s already full. I had a lot of Hot Pots from Coastal Scents and I really didn’t enjoy the palettes that Coastal Scents offered. I’m definitely planning on purchasing a few more along with some Makeup Geek eye shadows and depotting some blushes from my collection.

Old Navy
I’ve already dedicated a blog post about how much I’ve fallen in love with Old Navy, so if you’re interested you can check it out here. I highly recommend checking out OldNavy.com for business casual clothes or good basics for every day where. It’s also great for those who are petite or tall and have issues finding clothes that fit correctly. Old Navy only carries those styles online, but they offer free shipping over $50, in-store returns, you can always get a deal with coupons or discounts, and Ebates* is always offering cash back.

What products were you loving this past month?

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