August Beauty Favorites

Summer is coming to an end.  This Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer, and to be real, I’m ok with this.  I love autumn, it’s my favorite time of the year so I’m excited to start wearing tights! First, I wanted to share my August beauty favorites.  I don’t have a lot, but it’s still worth a post.

Suave Professionals Macadamia and White Orchid Conditioner, $2.89
I purchased this after reading some really good reviews on Amazon of this product, especially for girls with curly hair.  I have tried some of the other conditioners from the Suave Professional line and I didn’t like them at all.  This one is 100% opposite.  I love it.  I’ve already repurchased it. The scent of it is a bit overwhelming, but I’ve grown used to it.  This product is very moisturizing, it combated the humidity of summer, and it detangles.

Jergen’s Natural Glow in medium to tan, $8.99
I am not a tanning or self-tanning person at all.  I have a tan skin color anyway year round.  However I had a wedding to go to and the dress I was wearing was a bright coral, midtone red color, and my legs were looking a bit less tan than my arms and chest.  I got this on a Saturday, used it twice Sunday and once Monday morning and already had a tan on my legs.   I must admit, I was starting to look a bit orange, so I used it every other day until the following Saturday and it created a wonderful glow that looked good with my dress color.  I would recommend, just choose the right color option and be careful on how often you apply it.

MAC Mineralized Skin Finished Natural – Medium Dark, $29
This is by far my favorite face powder of all time.  I’ve owned it for over a year now and I’ve always loved it, but this time of year is when I really love it.  I can’t wear this color very much in the winter because this shade is a tad dark in the winter months, but in the summer it’s great over foundation or a tinted moisturizer.  I just found out that MAC came out with more shades and there’s a new shade that’s a bit lighter that I may go pick up in a few months.

Summer is Almost Over

I know that nobody wants to hear it, but summer is coming to an end.  Most colleges start classes in about three weeks, many 18-year-old’s will be starting classes for the first time. Today is last day of of Warped Tour, which to many music fans is the end of summer.  I realized yesterday that I need to start wearing my summer dress and crop tops before I can no longer wear them next month when the leaves start to change.  I’m not that sad about it; my favorite season is fall.  I’ve already seen some fall scented products out in stores.

This summer has been one of the better in my recent memory.  My job has been going very well.  I won’t get into the details of my job or where it is I work, but I will say that I’ve gotten two new titles over the course of summer.  I feel welcomed at my job and like I’m making a difference, which is really what I look for in many aspects of my life.

I unintentionally took quite a few weeks off from my part-time job because my life starting getting busier than I expected.  The first weekend of July was Independence Day which I spent with my friends having a barbecue.  The second weekend I went up to my friend’s cabin for our annual summer party.  My boyfriend introduced me to these seasonal parties a few months after we started dating, and they are one of highlights of every season.  I spent time paddle boarding and kayaking on the lake at this cabin, something that not many people could see me doing; I’m more of an indoor girl.  The third week of July was my boyfriend’s birthday as well as Warped Tour in Minnesota; they actually landed on the same day.  I don’t get too giddy over bands anymore, but when I got offered to watch my favorite band, The Devil Wears Prada, on stage I couldn’t contain myself.  It’s not the first time I’ve been on stage for a performance, but it’s much better when it’s your favorite band.  Then next week of July I got to go to Warped Tour again, this time in Milwaukee.  I can’t say that Wisconsin is my favorite place to go, but there is Dunkin’ Donuts there so I had that for two days.

As we move into August, I still have so many good plans for the remainder of summer.  My dad’s birthday is this upcoming week, as well as our family’s picnic next weekend. My boyfriend and I are attending a wedding in a few weeks, and we’re getting very well dressed for it.  I got my dress on a bargain and I must say we look quite amazing dressed at our best.  I’m going to see who used to be my favorite band Linkin Park at the Minnesota State Fair.  This is the second time I’ll be seeing them, and I will probably be very giddy that day.  Finally, I’m planning a new tattoo either this month or early next month.

Even though its 86 degrees today with humidity, within a month or so the leaves will be changing colors and I will have pumpkin anything.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Cherish the warm weather and sunshine.  Get outside to a lake.  Live your life.