Makeup Geek Eye Shadows | Review

After hearing endless great things about Makeup Geek eye shadows all over the beauty community, I finally caved and made a purchase! I definitely had very high hopes for the shadows given everything I’ve heard and I wasn’t disappointed.

After I purchased these eight colors I also bought a small Z-Palette to store the eye shadows in that would be great for traveling. I had a little issue with the shipping method that Makeup Geek chose and the fact that I ordered over a  holiday didn’t help. When the shadows arrived they were very neatly packaged in bubble wrap and in a secure box. I took pictures of all the shades I received before I even swatched them so they showed up as true to color and texture as possible.


I’m really happy with all of the shades I picked out. I wanted to choose colors that I know I would get good use out of, but I also picked a few outside of my comfort zone. I chose two foiled eye shadows, Grandstand and Showtime, both of which I really love. Grandstand is rose gold, which is a super popular shade in the makeup community at the moment, but sometimes the color washes me out. This shade shows up a bit more bronzy on my skin color and works better than others in my collection. Showtime is a beautiful wine shade and it’s a lot more red than I’m used to using. I love using it as an eyeliner though! It adds a little something different and can be smoked out a bit for an evening look. I of course got Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee which are some of the more popular transition shades. I also purchased Latte which is a medium brown, but it could work as a transition shade on deeper skin. I’m really liking along side of Homecoming for an everyday look.

Swatches Row 1

Top Row

Swatches Row 2

Middle Row

Swatches Row 3

Bottom Row

First impression: these are great quality and a way to add personality to your collection. At first, I was shocked by how powdery these shadows appeared when I dipped my brush in them. I’ve used Mac and Coastal Scents shadows in the past, and I don’t remember them coming off as powdery as my first time using Peach Smoothie. I kept on testing them out and while I get fallout with the shadows, I’m absolutely in love with their color payoff and how well they blend out. I don’t have to do nearly as much as blending with these colors, especially my transition shade, as I’ve had to with other brands. I like to mix Peach Smoothie and Creme Brulee together to get my perfect transition shade, then add Homecoming to the crease, and finish off with Corrupt as my eyeliner. The first time I used Corrupt I really underestimated how pigmented it was as I ended up with black fallout on my under eye, but I’ve learned to really be careful when picking up the color and being sure to tap off any excess.

I really wanted to compare the Makeup Geek eye shadows to Coastal Scents Hot Pots, which I’ve had in my collection for years and are even more affordable than Makeup Geek’s coming in at $1.99. I would say that Makeup Geek’s are better quality in terms of their blending ability and lasting power throughout the day. The pigmentation of both brands are the same and show up great with and without a primer. If you’re trying to decide on purchasing one or the other, I would say go for the Makeup Geek shadows. In the end, you’ll be more happy with how they perform compared to the Coastal Scents shadows. If you’re able to get the Hot Pots on a great sale however, don’t overlook them – they can be a great option for getting vibrant colors that you may not usually gravitate towards.

Overall I’m really loving these shadows and I would definitely get more! Like I said, I was so surprised at how much powder kicked up from some of the shades the first time I used them and that I received some fallout, but it’s nothing too out of the ordinary. I’d love to buy some more shades, especially some from the foiled eye shadow line and maybe a few more outside of my comfort zone as I’m really loving Showtime as an eyeliner.

What Do You Know About Business Casual?

A lot of changes have been happening lately and one of those includes an overhaul of my closet. I’ve recently decided to take on a new opportunity and I’ve had to purchase new clothes that will update my slightly post-college, young style to business casual. This a new experience for me as my first job out of college was all casual wear so I never went out and consciously purchased nice clothes. I’ve had about two weeks to make this change and update my closet. My solution to all of this was found by mistake: Old Navy.

I’ve rarely shopped at Old Navy in the past. I have one gym shirt from their active section, purchased a pair of khakis for a previous job, a pair of jeans, and of course flip flops. Other than that, I’ve never been able to find clothes that fit me well from their store. A few months ago I purchased some black denim from Old Navy in the Rockstar style and I thought I liked the fit, but it’s too high waisted for me and the material is too stretchy; who even says that denim is too stretchy? Anyways, one of my coworkers was telling me how she always strikes good deals from with coupons and free shipping, plus she had found the perfect fit in her clothes by shopping exclusively in the petite section. I never even thought to try petite styles, since it’s only offered online I had no idea it even existed.

I made a few purchases from Old Navy’s petite section back in September, buying the same dress my coworker had been rocking over the summer plus a few other staples. I fell in love! Everything fit perfect. Not too long after I made another purchase, this time I added a few skirts, cute basic tops, and some fun slacks that I could wear to a business casual environment. Again, everything fit perfect. Well, nearly everything, but the great thing about purchasing from Old Navy’s website is being able to do in store returns. I’ll never be able shop at an online store without having that offer. Especially seeing as the petite clothing is only available that in-store return option is important. Before making any of these purchases I made sure to refer to their size chart to make sure I was in the ballpark of sizes I should be ordering. Most of the items I’ve purchased have been an extra small and I’m enjoying their fit. I had to return a few items that I purchased in a small, but I feel like Old Navy sizes run a little on a large size, for your reference.

What’s also great about shopping online at Old Navy is their never ending sales; I haven’t purchased one item at full price yet, Old Navy Cash when it’s going on, and you get cash back shopping through Ebates. I feel like everyone should know about Ebates at this point, but in case you don’t please sign up. I’ve had Ebates for years but only started utilizing it the past few months and I’m addicted to it. Add the Ebates button to your browser too!

I’m still trying to bridge the gap between business and casual style. If anyone has a definite answer of what business casual is, leave your thoughts – I’d love a clearer explanation that what I think it is! Hope this helps and introduces you to my new favorite store. Don’t worry, Old Navy also carries regular and tall styles, in addition to petite!

My New Favorite Tank

I have a new favorite gym shirt, well tank top. I was out doing some Christmas shopping and catching up with a good friend when I stopped into Old Navy.  Old Navy isn’t my favorite store, the clothing doesn’t fit me the best.  But I was trying to kill time waiting for my friend and there was a 60% off sign in the window.  I’m not usually one for buying active wear that is cute or trendy because that’s not what going to the gym or being active should be about.  I get it though, having cute clothes to wear even to the gym is a part of the fun.  I went right to the active wear section of Old Navy hoping I would find an active top I could bring to Iceland in two weeks, the kind that wicks moisture away, but I didn’t want to pay a lot because I’ll likely never wear it to work out in.  I was distracted by a super cute tank top with the words “Drop, squat, & hustle.”  I love this tank top.  It’s the best.

Drop, squat & hustle

Squats are my favorite exercise, even more, leg day is my favorite day at the gym.  I’m really good at squats and my legs are where most of my strength lies.  Most of the time people moan and groan about leg day, but not me.  I’m very proud to say that my current personal record for squats is 155 pounds, 40 pounds more than what I weigh.  I just found out that a co-worker of mine also lifts and her personal record is 260 pounds! I’m completely jealous of her and it’s all the more motivation I need to work towards my personal record going even higher in 2015.

This tank top is great and all, but there is one little problem with it: I can’t wear it to do squats in. Once you get past squatting a barbell, 45 pounds, performing squats in anything less than a shirt is uncomfortable.  I’m getting to the point now where I have to put a towel on the bar otherwise it presses too hard into my skin.  My gym does have barbell pads, but they are so thick I fear the bar would slip right off my back.  Moving forward, I may invest my own barbell pad thinner than the ones at my gym as Jake and I keep adding more weight on to our lifts.  I also may invest in grips or straps for my dead lifts, especially straight leg dead lifts, as my grip strength has yet to improve even after two years.  Any suggestions on helping my lifts or accessories that I could use to improve my lifts are welcome!


It’s so weird, that right after Halloween everything seems to change.  All the leaves are off the trees, daylight savings times end which means evening activities become less occurring, and the weather gets cooler and cooler.  I’m not going to lie, I’m sad that October is over because now the real cold weather moves in.  Long gone are the beautiful fall days with the many colors of fall.  All the trees are bare and there was frozen water among some trees.  A jacket, at least, is required every time I leave my apartment, along with mittens and a beanie.  Boots have become my main shoe of choice and Jake and I are in full mode bulking season at the gym.

Halloween happened to fall on a Friday this year, which turned out to be quite nice for me.  I work Monday through Friday, so getting to celebrate Halloween to the fullest made me very happy.  This year I went as Little Red Riding Hood and Jake was the Big Bad Wolf.  My job had a small Halloween party, making me incredibly lucky since I can wear my costume to work.  Not many people get that privilege so I consider myself very lucky on Halloween.  It is my favorite holiday!  Today, November 1, feels so much different already.  It was quiet in my apartment building and everyone seemed relaxed.  I say around in my yoga pants all day, bare faced, loving the feeling of a weekend off.  I cleaned my entire apartment and made Crock Pot breakfast potatoes for the week.

The weather is already looking to be more dreary and cold.  It hardly rained a drop in October, something that made this fall amazing, and this week it’s looking to rain (even snow!) three out of the seven days.  Minnesota is winter from about mid November to March, making November bitter-sweet for me.  I don’t hate winter.  I actually quite dislike summer, but Minnesota winters can be too much.  I want a simple winter where you get two or three heavy snow falls throughout the entire season, not one a month.  I’m definitely that person watching national news during the winter months laughing at the east coasts inability to handle a few inches of snow.  Short days don’t help the cause much.  Going to work and leaving work in the dark is terrible.  I get the concept of daylight savings time, but really it’s terrible in states where winter is six months long.

But have no fear, there are many things to look forward to in the next few months.  November is my birthday month, turning 25 might I add.  I’m excited for my birthday month because of all the shopping perks I get this month.  Turning 25 is a bit jarring, however, because you are no longer in your early twenties, but your mid-twenties.  November is also host to Thanksgiving, which I would guess is many Americans favorite holiday. I was actual born on Thanksgiving, so the holiday holds special meaning to me.  The Christmas season draws closer which means decorating and presents.  I work in commerce and retail so the holiday season is stressful, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love the rush of all of it.  I’ve already started my list of gifts for my family and Jake!  In January, Jake and I have a trip booked to Iceland together.  It’s our first real trip together and I couldn’t be more excited!